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Legal Advice

Statewide service

The EDO is an independent community legal centre that specialises in public interest environmental law. 

Homeless Legal Logo Block.jpg

Homeless Legal is a free outreach legal service for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. 

HUTT STREET CENTRE 10am - 12pm Monday

CATHERINE HOUSE 11am - 12pm Tuesday

BAPTIST CARE 10am - 12pm Wednesday


Provides assistance to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander victim/ survivors of family violence and/or sexual assault.

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Provides help people to resolve consumer credit problems including debt, hardship, credit law issues involving disputes with creditors, bankruptcy, mortgage 83421800

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Provides pro bono migration assistance to asylum seekers, in South Australia, who are eligible to apply for a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV)


Provides legal advice, representation and legal education that impacts women within South Australia 83409009


Provides community mediation service can help you to identify and resolve conflict and disputes at an early stage by an independent mediator 83421800

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Provides free legal help to for low-income and disadvantaged South Australians experiencing civil law issues who cannot afford a lawyer or get the help they need from elsewhere.

The Pro Bono Referral Service also assists charitable and community groups.

The Refugee and Asylum Seeker Project provides legal advice and representation.


We can provide advice and assistance when dealing with Centrelink and in appeals to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal.

The service is available to people on a government benefit, living in South Australia, and aged 15 and over 83421800

InDIGO2 landscape.png

Volunteer operated centre promoting human rights and Aboriginal Reconciliation

Bookings for the free Evening Advisory Service are essential and must be made at least 24 hours in advance (Norwood area)


The Elder Abuse Unit provides free information, support and legal advice to people who have been impacted by elder abuse in Adelaide


Inspiring Determination Independence Growth and Opportunities

Specialist legal and non legal case management to women who are experiencing or have experiences domestic and family violence (southern zone only) 83409009

Helping you to navigate the NDIS, understand your rights and resolve issues.

If you’re eligible for the NDIS or already receiving support, we can help you to understand the system and your rights

(08) 8202 5960  or 1300 886 220 for country callers


The Working Women’s Centre SA Inc (WWC SA)  provides free advice and confidential information, support and representation to vulnerable workers residing in South Australia about their rights at work

(08) 8410 6499

  • Wage Theft

  • Dismissal

  • Parental leave

  • Family violence & work

  • Discrimination

  • National Employment Standards

  • The Modern Award System

  • Workplace entitlements

  • Sexual Harrassment

  • Workplace Bullying

  • Redundancy

  • Sham Contracting

  • Interpretation & advice of employment contracts


The focus of our service is helping young people. We will speak to you and help you understand what your legal problem is and how to resolve it.

We can help with:

·        Representation in youth court

·        Helping you deal with police, including if you are a victim of crime

·        Minor criminal matters

·        Fines and infringements

·        Consumer and contract issues

·        Employment issues

·        Tenancy

·        Family law and family violence

·        Motor vehicle matters

·        Civil law

·        Legal support relating to Centrelink issues

·        Navigating the NDIS, understanding your rights and how to resolve issues

·        Credit issues eg. Mobile phone contracts, credit cards, payday lenders etc

·        Leaving home

·        Medical Rights and consent

·        Providing community legal education

(08) 8202 5960  or 1300 886 220 for country callers

BLP logo.PNG

The Bushfire Community Legal Program (BCLP) is a free legal service which delivers regular face to face outreaches (as well as phone and email) services to a number of bushfire high-risk or impacted areas throughout South Australia. The BCLP sees a dedicated Legal Officer travel out to these areas to deliver free:

- face to face appointments;
- legal advice;
- information;
- referrals; and
- legal education sessions

To get in contact with the BCLP’s Legal Officer, please contact:


Mobile: 0428 066 958

Office: 1300 850 650

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